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With This Ring

Posted by Stuart J. Adelman on

With this ring…she got engaged. With this ring…she got married. With this ring…she raised kids, celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. It wasn’t the most expensive ring, as just starting out together, they did not have very much money. They did, however, have each other, and their shared hopes and dreams. The ring itself was not much. What the ring signified…promise, commitment, love…meant everything. And it was hers. Seldom did it come off her finger. Through happy times and sad, that ring saw a lot. So many memories are held by that little ring. But now, 20 years after she first put it on her finger, it seemed that her ‘little’ ring could hold no more. She was entering a new chapter of her life. She had her own style now, and wanted the most important piece of jewelry she owned, her wedding ring, to reflect that style. She also wanted her new ring to celebrate her accomplishments, and have space to hold her new hopes and dreams, and future memories. And she wanted to, somehow, transfer the energy of her old ring, into her new ring.

For that, she needed a guide. Someone that could interpret her thoughts, and turn them into ideas. Someone that could transform those ideas into the ring of her dreams. She didn’t know it, but that same person would also know that what’s in style isn’t what some fashion guru says it is. To know what’s in style, she need only know what she likes. There are no rules. Having no rules means there are no constraints. Having no constraints means anything is possible.

When she found Artelle Designs, it was like fate. An international award winning jewelry designer hiding in Plymouth, Minnesota? A Mom and Pop fine jewelry gallery run by, well, Mom and Pop. Or Ellie and Stuart as they are affectionately known. Married for 35 plus years, and in business together for nearly the same time, they truly understand the meaning of jewelry, and the powerful stories that give each piece life. Especially engagement and wedding rings.

More importantly, they are not only experienced, and skilled designers, they also do all of the making on the premises. Nothing is lost to translation. And they put Good Vibes, that you can really feel, into everything!

With this ring, she wasn’t pressured to do anything. With this ring, she was given options, and listened to. With this ring, she fell in love all over again. And she couldn’t wait to start the next chapter of her life…With this ring.