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Our Process

The Custom Process

Your adventure begins with a simple, no pressure/stress free meeting with the artist/designer/creator. Take all the time you need. Your ideas, tastes, and style will be expertly and instinctually interpreted. You don't even need to know what you want. Your personal designer has been performing his art since 1975. That is longer than anyone in the Twin Cities. During this collaborative journey, a sketch (or two, or three, or however many it takes) will emerge. Your dream begins to take form.


From the sketch, an approximate cost will be calculated. From here you have two choices (well, actually three choices): You may leave us a fifty percent deposit of the estimated cost, and then two to five weeks later pick up your finished jewel, in exchange for the balance of the finished cost. Or, your personal designer will transform your sketched design into a photo-realistic render. Depending on the design, this will cost around $450. Although this design charge is not refundable, it is applied to your total cost should you choose to have your design realized. The photo will look almost as good as the finished design. From this render, an exact cost will be figured. If you love the design, a fifty percent deposit turns it into reality.


Your third choice is simple; you can do nothing. You have no obligation to move forward from the sketch. You will not be pressured to do anything. You will be given choices. We love choices. You may also have the render created, and then do nothing until you are ready. You decide how fast to move. And you will love your design. We promise.


We would be honored to help make your jewelry dreams come true.

We have thousands of photos of designs we have created, from Engagement rings, to Wedding rings, to Pendants, to Earrings, to...You get the idea. We can make anything! We are always adding more photos, so please check back often. 

We hope you enjoy perusing these Examples of our Art.