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Best Local Jeweler, Plymouth Magazine 
2006 - 2016

Dear Ellie & Stuart -

"Thank you very much for designing and making my beautiful ring. I love it and will wear it proudly every day. Your expertise and workmanship is to be commended. The ring is perfect for me! Thank you most heartily. Lovingly, Alice N."

"Thank you again for working your magic on my jewelry. The earrings shine as brightly as the day I got them, and when I saw the necklace it absolutely took my breath away. I cannot wait to wear it; it sparkles the same way my mom did! With much love, Barbara B."

"Thank you so much for cutting my ring off my finger. If it weren't for you, I might be missing a finger!" Laurel

"Vince and I would love to thank you for designing and making the absolute perfect ring. I'm excited to wear it forever, and know that it was made just for us. Thank you again!" Emily A. (H.) & Vince H.

"We absolutely could not be happier with our rings, and we just wanted to say thank you again!" Leah A.

"Thank you again for designing me another truly spectacular ring!  I am quite sparkly! The good thing…Jeff really likes the ring too.  Thankfully, I am the one who gets to wear it! Off to Florida on Sunday where I hear diamonds can be blinding!!!" Cathy R.

"Stuart, my wife was thrilled with her (new) ring. Thank you for the wonderful craftsmanship!" Paul & Sue M.

"I can’t say enough good things about Artelle Designs.  Their work is exquisite.   Stuart and Ellie are trustworthy, honest, knowledgeable, extremely talented, and I have to add, fun to work with.  It’s a home-like atmosphere in their studio, yet as professional as it can be.

Here’s why my ring is so special to me, and Stuart made it happen.   I brought a bag of misc. jewelry to him and asked him what we could do with them for a 30th anniversary ring.  In the bag were my engagement ring, my mother’s precious engagement ring, diamond pendants and various diamonds and rubies my husband had given me over the years.  It also contained my priceless parents’ wedding bands, my husband’s ring, my broken wedding ring that had 8 diamonds in it and a few other things.

After we went over many designs, Stuart made a sketch of what is now my ring.  That was it.  I fell in love with it.  He made it out of the usable gold from my and my parents’ old wedding bands and the stones that I gave him.   The only stone we purchased was the ruby.  The ring far exceeded my expectations.  

I truly recommend visiting their studio.  You’ll see things that you won’t see anywhere else.   Everything is unique.   Out of 10 stars, I’d give them an 11.  Thank you Stuart and Ellie!  You have no idea what your expertise has added to my life." Sally W.

“…Thanks for creating our Beautiful wedding rings. Not only do both of us like them, friends and relatives have Ooohed and Aaahed, too!” Jerry & Don

"Thank you so much for the gorgeous necklace! It is absolutely exquisite and I just love it. It is so beautifully crafted and perfectly inscribed. Thank you for continuing to make our marriage sparkle!" Barbara (& Gary) B.

"We just adore you two! Thank you for adding that special touch of engraving to Aaron's ring, and of course those gorgeous earrings! The earrings MADE the outfit and I felt so beautiful that day." Aaron & Janea M.

"Dude, you are awesome! You really ARE the Best Jeweler in Plymouth! Thank you!" Brad K.

"THANKS!!! I can't thank you enough for the beautiful creation you made for me. I almost feel guilty wearing it! It is more than I could have imagined and you put my concerns and desires into a wonderful ring I will be very proud to wear! It is very comfortable and the size feels just right. Thanks for getting it done for Christmas! We sure didn't give you much time to work with. You two are the best!" Jenny M.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful earring! I have enjoyed being able to wear the pair (again)." Sheri T.

"What can I say. The Andamooka Opal and I can see the hand of the Creator working through you. In the book of Exodus, chapter 35 vs.30-33, "Almighty G-d gave some men the Spirit of G-d, with all wisdom, to work in gold and in the cutting of stones." I believe Almighty G-d has blessed you also in this way. May Almighty G-d bless you and prosper you and bless everything you set your hand to." Jack M.

"I received the earrings and they are beautiful. She should love them. Thank you very much." Dave S.

“I just wanted to… thank you for a wonderful experience! The ring looks fabulous & I’ve gotten so many compliments on it – it’s like it was made for my hand! It meant so much to both of us that you were so generous with your time & expertise through the process… We look forward to seeing you soon!”    Leann & Shawn

“People are absolutely in awe of our rings! Thank you for the beautiful gift they are to our lives!” Mary & Scott

“Thank you for your hard work… You made a very important occasion turn out beautifully. Something that can be very stressful was not. I sincerely appreciate your special efforts. Megan absolutely loves the ring. I hope I can refer many future customers! Thanks!” John

“I picked up my ring last night and I want to say thank you for your excellent craftsmanship and design. Your eye for detail is simply outstanding. The ring is beautiful and I am thrilled – I will see you again soon. Thank you.” Jean

“Thank you so very much for the great job you did on the pendant. I love it!!” Anita

“I want to thank you for making the beautiful ring to replace my mother’s wedding ring. Your talent is incredible and I know it was made not only from your memory…, but from your heart also.” Lori

Dear Stuart & Ellie -

“I want to thank you for a splendid job on the ring. I gave it to my now – fiancée… and she really liked it… I want to thank you for the advice you rendered on selecting the main stone… The center stone is phenomenal. The workmanship on the ring is excellent, and I don’t think I could have found a better jeweler for the task…” Arjun

“I love my ring! I just had to tell you that I continue to get compliments on my new ring. People have stopped me after meetings to ask me about it.” Cathy

“…We’ve had MANY compliments on our rings… We love them! Our Minister spoke of the symbolism of these rings & how special it was to get them… It meant so much to have your energy with us through these beautiful rings. Thank you for the joy you gave us, for the delicious bottle of champagne & for your talent!” Brenda & Joan

“…I can’t tell you how much I ADORE my ring. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!” Miea

“We wanted to thank you so VERY much for both of our rings! They both are gorgeous! And Tony is actually wearing his & liking it!” Tony & Jodi

“Thank you so much for my ring. It is absolutely beautiful. I have had a lot of compliments! Thanks again. I love it!” Lorri

“I would like to convey my deepest appreciation for creating this beautiful piece. I will cherish it or the rest of my life. It is an heirloom that I will pass on along its’ cherished memories to my daughter.” Norma

“I can’t thank you enough for doing such a superb job on my new ring. Thank you very very much!” Kevin

“Wow! Russ’s ring is spectacular! Thank you both for the time you gave us on this important symbol of our love and commitment. We shall be most proud of your creativity and quality of jewelry.” Cynthia

“So many things to thank you for… The most beautiful wedding rings, your friendship, your support. Thank you so much for all of them!”  Janea & Aaron M.

“Just a few lines to thank you for my stunning ring – I absolutely love it and have hardly taken my eyes off it! …Thank you for your time and effort that was put into the ring. It’s exactly what I had in mind when we first met with you and is a beautiful reminder of our 10 year wedding anniversary. Thank you!”  Nichola S.

“I first want to start off saying “Thank You.” Thank you so much for making my rings. I really appreciate all the time and effort that went into making them. They are truly amazing and special. I also know that they are made with love and that to me means more than anything. They are a true gift. I will never forget the love and kindness you put into my rings. They are one of a kind and what girl could ask for more? From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”  Betsy D.

“You said I needed to love this ring, and I do! I absolutely LOVE it. It is exactly what I hoped for, thanks to your creative genius. Thank you so very much for this amazing piece of art. I will treasure it. You two are a wonderful team.”  April F.

“Thank you very much for your great work… Everything went perfectly… Kim loved the ring…” Dan R.

“Thanks for everything, we love the rings.” Kim R.

“I can’t believe you took my old gold and little diamonds, and turned them into something so beautiful. It is more than I ever imagined. Thanks again for the talent, imagination, and personal attention you brought to the design of “the ring”. It is an heirloom.” Rip & Amy S.

“I just wanted to express my gratitude to the both of you. I was so nervous and unsure on how to start the process of my engagement ring. Meeting with you eased my mind and I can finally be exited! Thank you so much…” Evangeline

“Thank you so much for the beautiful work on our heart pendants. Everybody loves them. We will cherish them forever!”  Lurene, Lynette, Regan, & Kathleen

“I enjoyed our visit yesterday and I LOVE my new jewelry set. With the fresh polish, it looks brand new and the diamond really sparkles. My husband and I oohed and ahhed over it this morning. The wood case is gorgeous, as well. And then…I found Ghirardelli chocolate. My cup runneth over. Thanks for being such wonderful people to work with. All the best.”  Sue F.

“All three of us agree the bracelet is really unique and spectacular, and with the earrings the ensemble is complete. Your jewelry boxes really made the presentation special as well.”  Brian C.

“I have received so many compliments on my wedding ring, and all of my other jewelry that you breathed new life into! You should advertise yourself as an “alternative healer” as well as an award winning jewelry designer, since I have felt so good about myself that I have been motivated to loose 5 pounds since I picked everything up. I really like how comfortable the shank is on my wedding ring. Any other rings that we do must include this great feature!”  Christine P.

“Holy cow! The rings are perfection!! Thank you so very, very much, Stuart. I will never be able to repay you for this great kindness that you have given to our family. Wow!!!!! I knew you were the only person to do this work and I was absolutely right. I know my Dad has a big grin on his face! Thank you again and again.” Suzie S.

“I truly appreciate the great work, care and attention to detail you put into our wedding rings! You have helped make our engagement and wedding planning extra special.”  Dan R.

“Thank you very much for your great work and for sending me a picture of my mother's wedding set.  Everything went perfectly yesterday!!  Kim loved the ring...with all the meaning and the detail of my mother's set! Thanks again.”  Dan

Ahhhhh!!!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Thank you SO much!!!!  Michelle B.

“I LOVE the ring…I cannot tell you how nice it is to be able to take it off! Thank you so much!” Marylouise L.

“Tell Stuart he is the Bomb!” Chelsea A.


“I’m loving my ring. I’m surprised how many people said, “Is that a different ring than the one you had before?” I never thought that many people paid attention to my ring before.”   Kim T.

“Oh My Gosh!  I love love love my new earrings!!  Jason really pulled one off on me and that NEVER happens!!  They are perfect, they are comfortable to wear!!  Thank you so much!”  Jenna B.

“Thank you for the beautiful job you did on Sarah’s ring. She loves it and is already wearing it. You are a gifted artist!” Rose G.

“I realize this email is way past due but an event happened today that reminded me to email you. I’ve been meaning to contact you since Christmas. My wife absolutely loved the replacement earring she received for Christmas that you made.  I knew that pair of earrings were significant to her but I still underestimated how much they meant to her.  The gift brought her to tears and she was extremely happy!  The event that reminded me to contact you and share my story is this week (May 9) was the first time she wore another pair of earrings since Christmas. Thanks again for helping me do something very special for my wife.”   Neil A.

“Hey guys~ 

Just wanted to say thank you again!  I love it!  I just texted a picture of it to everyone!  HA! All the way home I couldn't keep my eyes off it!  :)”  Jodi

“…her ring is beautiful. Truly a work of art that will be hard to miss!” Jeff M.

Stuart created an heirloom ring for me using my original engagement ring, 5 year anniversary band with one diamond missing and 4 intact, an odd earring or two, a damaged gold chain, my original engagement ring diamond and some additional small diamonds. He upgraded the ring to 18K from 14K to match an existing wedding band that was my husband's grandmother's ring. He made the new ring with a rounded divot underneath so that my wedding band would fit nicely and it looks like a double band. I brought in some vintage jewelry that I like as well as some cameos so he could see my style...the result is breathtaking - my twenty-five year anniversary present! A splurge for sure, but much less than I would have expected to pay for such a custom ring. Be sure to check out his patented snowflake gems that spin in the setting. We purchased a lovely pair for our daughter's college graduation. I highly recommend this lovely family owned business. Shop small, shop local, support local artists!  Amy S.

If you are looking for a REALLY special holiday gift, you’ll find totally amazing jewelry here. They are the best!!  April F.

Their Artwork speaks for itself.  Wendy K.

Just wanted to let you know that Amber loves her ring...    She posted a picture on facebook and said it was her DNA ring and a one of a kind....   She told me that it was just what she would have asked for...    Thanks so much. Marlis O.

Jarvia Loves the Earrings and was very Happy. You did an awesome job and they match perfectly. Thanks again, Mike H.

She LOVED the ring. She said it is the most comfortable ring she has. Thank you again for such a beautiful design. Dr. R.

Stuart and Ellie are amazing =D Margie M.

Lauren gave me my ring over the weekend and it is beautiful. I just love it. I just kept looking at my finger all day and Lauren asked me don’t you like it? I told him I love it and can’t stop looking at it. Thank you so much. Everyone who has seen it says how it is so modern and different than anything they have ever seen. Also thanks for the bottle of Champaign.  Nancy D.

Stuart & Ellie, Just wanted to give you a quick note about how much I LOVE and ADORE all of the pieces you recently made for me! I have to tell you my little pinkie ring is amazing! So comfortable I can wear it all the time - even when I workout! Along with the multi-diamond middle finger ring and of course my rose gold solitaire necklace! I have received many many compliments! I can't thank you enough for sharing your extreme talent!  Anna H.

Ellie, thank you so much for helping Tom pick out my gold chain! It’s exactly what I wanted. Stuart, thank you for taking such good care of my ring and pendant. They mean a lot to me as they are my mother’s and great-grandmother’s diamonds. I am so happy with the pieces you have made for me. I have my eye on a couple other pieces.  Jan S.

The “un-class looking” ring is really nice, clean, well thought out.  Not cluttered though there is a lot going on.  I wish everything we saw was this well arranged and designed! Merv - Gemvision

Thank you Stuart!  It fits and looks great.  Thanks for all your help.  It definitely made for some very nice jewelry.   John H.

Love the ring! Thank you so much!  Joan S.

You need to see the ring in sunlight, it is quite impressive!  John E.

Stuart, a note for you. 
The ring is so natural for me to wear; as if it was something I picked up and 'threw on' a long time ago simpley because I liked it.  Meaning that it feels like it could be any of my jewelry and not odd or gaudy. It does Not feel like a down payment on a house or a new car that it otherwise, could be. Job well done for matching the ring with me in mind.  
My friend complimented the craftsmanship - "Now, that's a hell of a ring and it's Not in your face." 
He has known me for 20 some years. The off-set diamond with the rest of the design he liked and he stated that it perfectly suited me, my hands and the finger it was made for.  
I spent much more than I set out to spend, but THIS ring - I WEAR.

We are so happy with our wedding bands! Thanks again for helping us get our marriage off to such a beautiful beginning! Emily & Neil

Hello Ellie and Stuart:

Thank you for a great experience today.  Britt and I were struck by your patience and kindness and care.  I left so impressed at your attention to details regarding Britt’s interest in the potential for black detailing in his ring. The experience exceeded every expectation. We are very excited to see the finished product. I also left haunted by the platnum band with beautiful detailing on a band with inset diamonds and a substantial single diamond in the case outside of Stuart’s office.  How much is the ring?  In all seriousness is there such a concept as trade in value for current jewlery?  I just have to ask to appease my curiosity and/or to plan for my custom piece Stuart can create for our 25th anniversary! Is it the same one that is featured in the couture section of the website first box in the second row?

Again, thank you so very much for an awesome experience!

All the best, Jodi and Britt too.

Hi Ellie:

Thank you for following up with pricing information.  I’ll have to hold off until our 25th or my 50th birthday and have Stewart make me a custom band. I just love that band and the design just struck me - like a piece of art. We are really excited about what Stuart is creating for Britt!  The experience was truly amazing with such attention to detail and really problem solving and creativity!  We look forward to seeing you in late April. Best, Jodi

Dear Ellie & Stuart -

"Thank you for all the help you gave Kelly and myself with purchasing the right rings. I really appreciate the time and information you and Stuart gave me when I was looking for Kelly’s ring. It made the decision much easier knowing what to look for in a diamond… I can’t wait to get my ring! You have two new customers for life… Thanks again.” Brian A.

“I picked up my ring last night and I want to say thank you for your excellent craftsmanship and design. Your eye for detail is simply outstanding. The ring is beautiful and I am thrilled – I will see you again soon. Thank you.” Jean

“One big Thank You for my beautiful pieces of jewelry!” Carol, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

“What you did was so special! Thanks a bunch for the beautiful pendant. You guys always do such great work…” Diane

“Choosing rings that you are going to wear for the rest of your life to express your love and commitment to your partner is not just about the purchase of a fine piece of jewelry, but also about the total experience. Jen and I… got the best quality and best experience by choosing Artelle Designs. We would recommend them to anyone who is looking for exceptional jewelry and exceptional service. Thanks so much for everything you both did for us!” Carly  

Featured In

Minnesota Jewelers Association Trade Show Publications, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, and, 1998

Techniques of Jewelry Illustration & Color Rendering by Adolfo Mattiello, 1995

Hong Kong Jewellery, June 1996, New Designer’s Gallery

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Design Awards -

Minnesota Jewelers Association, Professional Goldsmith, 1992, 1995, 1997

Minnesota Jewelers Association, Artistic Design Award, 1996, 1997

JCK Show, Most Valuable Promoter Award, Honorable Mention,1994

Ponte d’Oro Design Competition, Finalist, 1996

American Jewelry Design Council, New Talent, 1996

Niche Awards, Finalist, 2002


Charitable Involvements –

Second Harvest Heartland, Joining forces to end hunger. Golf tournament co-sponsor, 2004; Sponsorship for DISH event, 2007; Auction donation, 2008.

ALS Therapy Development Institute, “Winning for Winston”, Auction donation, 2009-2012.


Professional Service Awards

Elected Vice President of the Contemporary Design Group, 2000

Elected President of the Contemporary Design Group, 2002

Eight times awarded the Advisory Committee Service Award by the Jewelry Manufacturing and Repair Program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.


Show Experience/ Exhibited

JCK Show, 1992- 2004

American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), 1995-2001, 2005

Jewelers of America, New York, 1996

Minnesota Jewelers Association, 1990-1998

Wisconsin Jewelers Association, 1998- 2002

Retail Jewelers Organization, 1999- 2003

Professional Jeweler Show, 1999-2000

Couture Collection & Conference, 2001- 2002

Buyers Market of American Craft, Fine Jewelry Gallery, 2002


Dear Artelle Designs -

“As Always!! Traci’s ring looks Great! I love my Tanzanite earrings!! And Traci LOVED her pendant! We are walking talking advertising for you!!” JoAnn, Store Owner

“Thanks for the top notch job. My customer loves it. It’s an unorthodox solution . You simplified it and made it better. I appreciate it much.” Jim, Store Owner

“…We ordered this item on a “Rush” and you delivered! Thank you so much… Our customer wanted it for their 50th wedding anniversary, and we were able to make it on time. Thank you for helping to make their day special.” Becky, Store Owner

“Thanks for the opportunity to purchase Mischa’s ring – It looks very nice on her hand – She is thrilled with it. You are very nice people to deal with.” Bill & Mischa – Jewelers Inc. Magazine

“The 5.08 carat job is awesome! Bobby was so very impressed and it looked wonderful on her. You sure do some piece of work! We were proud.” Sally, Store Owner

“GREAT JOB! The cross looks super! Thank you!” Inge, Store Owner

“You recently made up a fitted ring jacket for us and we just wanted to tell you how pleased our customer was with your creation. We feel you did an excellent job. Thank you so much.” Le Roy, Store Owner

“…You and all involved in getting my jobs out on time, need to know how much I appreciate your efforts and quality of work. You’ve been a great help in making our open house a sure success.” John, Store Owner

“Everything is beautiful. Thanks so much!” Sheree, Store Owner

“Thank you for the lovely work you do for us. Each time we receive a model from you, we are so enthusiastic about them! You are a pleasure to work with and we appreciate your artistry.” Trisha, Store Owner 

"Just wanted to let you know that my customer adores the pendant. Thank you so much!" Ronna, Store Owner

Industry Associations

American Gem Trade Association

Gemological Institute of America

Contemporary Jewelry Design Group

Jewelers Board of Trade

Jewelers of America

Jewelers Security Alliance

Minnesota Jewelers Association